Visual Basic Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Visual Basic Course Content:

  • Dentify the features of event-driven programming in Visual Basic.
  • Identify file types and file extensions in a Visual Basic2008 project.
  • Identify project templates in Visual Basic.
  • Identify Help options in Visual Basic.
  • Add a standard control to a form.
  • Add ActiveX controls to the Toolbox.
  • Identify the code used to set properties at run time.
  • Identify different types of procedures and programming structures.
  • Identify the statements used to declare a variable and a constant.
  • Identify methods of verifying data entered by the user.
  • Set a reference to a type library.
  • Identify form events in Visual Basic.
  • Create a menu on a form.
  • Create a pop-up menu.
  • Identify the properties and uses of the ListView control.
  • Identify the uses of the TreeView control in displaying hierarchical data.
  • Display a toolbar and toolbar buttons using the Toolbar control.
  • Display status bar information using the StatusBar control.
  • Identify the features of the Forms collection and Controls collection.
  • Identify the tools for debugging a Visual Basic application.
  • Add effective error-handling code to a Visual Basic application.
  • Identify the properties and methods of the Err object.
  • Perform the steps to test inline error handling.
  • Identify the error-handling options available in Visual Basic.
  • Compile an application from within the Visual Basic 6.0
  • Development environment.
  • Compile a Visual Basic 8.0 application from an MS-DOS prompt.

Course Duration

  • 2 Months


  • 5 Days a Weeks

Class Timing

  • Evening & Morning Shift

Total Fee

  • 15000/-